Confidentiality, protection and other related issues of the information provided by our members/customers to our site (“Our Site”) has been adopted in the Privacy Policy, the current rules of which are stated below.

Necessary measures for the security of the information and transactions entered on our site have been taken by Barla Jewelery and/or the relevant Card Institutions over the system and internet infrastructure, depending on the nature of the information and transaction. All credit card transactions and approvals are carried out online between you by the relevant Bank and similar Card Institutions, independently of us. Information such as credit card password is not seen and recorded by Barla Jewellery.

The information that our customers enter on our Site for membership, product/service purchase and information update purposes, especially confidential information about credit and debit cards, cannot be viewed by other internet users.

Information belonging to our members/customers may be disclosed to relevant organizations within the framework of our responsibilities stipulated by legal regulations. In addition, the contact information and other information they provide during their membership and/or shopping transactions, making and updating your membership transactions on our site, providing/selling various products/services by Barla Jewelery and its business partners and suppliers, product/service fee-cost collections and various promotions, advertisements, It can be recorded indefinitely for promotion, communication, sales and carding applications, can be stored, processed, shared and used when deemed necessary by Barla Jewelery and the specified institutions.

Our Members/Customers can request written information free of charge to learn what information about them is stored on our Site. Your requests for possible corrections, blocking or deletion of information are processed immediately to the extent required by law. In cases where our site links to other internet-websites, the privacy-security policy and terms of use of those sites are valid for all uses and transactions; Barla Jewelery is not responsible for disputes, material and moral damages and losses that may occur due to the use of information from other websites accessed from our site for viewing advertisements, banners, content or for any other purpose, as well as the ethical principles, privacy-security principles, service quality and other practices of the sites. . For any questions about the protection and security of information, you can contact us by using our e-mail address

Credit Card Security

Members' credit card information, passwords, card numbers and other matters are encrypted with a 128-bit encryption system and forwarded to the bank where the transaction is made through the Barla Jewelery interface. At this stage, the information is not stored in the database of Barla Jewelery, only the member and the bank can access the data.

In order to understand that the members are on a secure site when the transactions process is entered; They should see a key or lock icon on the bottom line of the member's browser. This indicates that you are on a secure web page and any information is encrypted and protected. This information is only used depending on the sales process and in line with the instruction given by the member.

Regardless of the shopping site, information about the credit card used during shopping is encrypted with 128 bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol and sent to the relevant bank for questioning. If the card availability is approved can be sustained for shopping. Since no information about the card can be viewed and recorded by Barla Jewelery, third parties are prevented from obtaining this information under any circumstances. For the reliability of the payment/invoice/delivery address information of the orders placed online with a credit card and for the control of this information, the credit card holder customer or the relevant bank is contacted if necessary. Our SSL certified online shopping site uses virtual POS infrastructures of Turkey's leading banks.

In order to learn where and how the information transmitted by customers/members and users to the system and our e-commerce site is stored, they can get information from during working hours, excluding official and religious holidays and holidays, and make a written request.

The way in which the information we obtain regarding you and the services you request will be processed and used during your visit to our site and benefiting from the services we provide through this site is subject to the conditions set forth in the "Internet Privacy Policy" below. By visiting our site and requesting to benefit from the services we provide through this site, you accept the terms set forth in the "Internet Privacy Policy" below.

Sharing your personal data is on a voluntary basis. If you do not provide the personal data we need, we will not be able to provide you with the product you have requested or the service you need.

  1. Types of Information We Collect and How It Is Collected:

Barla Jewelery collects only the information provided by you. This information is basic information including your name, surname, address and e-mail/mail address, Facebook and Google username. Your personal information is collected in order to be able to respond to you quickly when you become a member of any of our sites or connect to our applications, and to inform you about new products and campaigns.

2. Sharing of Personal Information:

Your personal information obtained may be shared with Barla Jewelery and the third parties Barla Jewelery works with in order to provide the product you have requested or the service you need in accordance with the “Internet Privacy Policy”. These third parties that we work with in order to serve you better; The companies with which we prepare promotions, offers and competitions, the suppliers we get help from in order to meet your demands more accurately and eliminate technical problems, are the agencies we consult to support and improve our marketing and advertising processes. Your information will be shared only as long as Barla Jewelery has permission to carry out the aforementioned actions. Institutions that will use this information will only be able to access your information for the specified action in accordance with the privacy policy and data protection.

As long as you allow us, you will be sent an e-mail/mail for new products, purchase offers, discount coupons, special news that we think may be of interest to you, developments that we are happy to share with you and other promotions from Barla Jewelery or the institutions we work with.

In order to carry out all these operations, your consent must be obtained. You have the right to withdraw the consent you have given with this "Internet Privacy Policy" at any time. You can withdraw your consent by sending your e-mail/mail to our relevant e-mail/mail address and stating that you have withdrawn your consent.

If you change your decision regarding your consent to the processing and use of your personal data by our company, you can also cancel your membership.

Barla Jewelery has the right to use or disclose your personal information in order to protect the integrity of, to meet your requests in the most accurate way and to provide accurate information in researches conducted to protect public safety, in cases required by law and requiring legal action. However, your information will not be shared with any third party, except as specified in the "Internet Privacy Policy".

3. Accuracy of Your Personal Information:

As a user, you undertake that the information you provide is correct and valid, and that you will notify us of any changes in this information. As a user, you will be responsible in case of any damage or loss of rights due to the fact that the information provided is not correct and valid. In such cases, it will not be possible for you to make a request to our company.

4. Access:

You have the right to control and change all the information you have provided to Barla Jewelery. If you want to change the information in our database or if there is a change you want to make about your contact details, you can contact us via the addresses at the bottom of the page.

When you want to stop the deletion of the personal information we have obtained from you or to stop the use of your information, you can contact us and state your request, and you can cancel it without any problems. To perform this action, simply fill out the request form. Likewise, filling out the request form to stop the use of the information we have obtained from your children under your supervision and to have it deleted will speed up the cancellation process. If you request, you can get information about our data protection policies and procedures.

5. Cookies:

We use cookies to improve your use while navigating our website. Many browsers are automatically set to store cookies, but they can be changed manually. By accepting this "Internet Privacy Policy", you also accept that you approve cookies. If you do not want cookies to be used, it will be sufficient to change it from the settings. However, since cookies play a helpful role on the website, the cookies you remove may prevent the site from working properly, thus preventing you from receiving fast and quality service.

6. Other Websites:

Our website may contain links to pages that are not managed by Barla Jewellery. When you visit any of these sites, you should consider the privacy policies of the site you are directed to. Barla Jewelery is not responsible for the standards and company policies of other sites.

7. Use of Social Plugins:

We use cookies to improve your use while navigating our website. Many browsers are automatically set to store cookies, but they can be changed manually. By accepting this "Internet Privacy Policy", you also accept that you approve cookies. If you do not want cookies to be used, it will be sufficient to change it from the settings. However, since cookies play a helpful role on the website, the cookies you remove may prevent the site from working properly, thus preventing you from receiving fast and quality service. Social plugins of owned by Facebook Inc are used on our website or individual pages. When you want to open a page with a social plug-in, your browser establishes a direct connection with the Facebook servers and sends Facebook a notification that you have logged into our website. If you are logged into your Facebook account, the data received from the Facebook notification will be matched to your account. When you use the "like" and "comment" functions of the plugin, the relevant data is sent to Facebook via your browser. Please refer to the Facebook Privacy settings regarding the use and processing of the data obtained by Facebook. If you do not want Facebook to collect information about you through our website, log out of your Facebook account before entering our website.

8. Rights of Persons whose Personal Data are Processed:

Persons whose personal data are processed within the scope of this contract, whether personal data about them is processed, information about it, if the data has been processed, the purpose of processing the data and whether they are used in accordance with its purpose, who the third parties to whom the data is transferred at home or abroad, if the data is incomplete or incorrect, they are corrected / has the right to object to the deletion of the processed data, to object to the emergence of a result against the person by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automatic systems, and to demand the compensation of the damage in case of loss due to the processing of the data in violation of the relevant legislation.